InfoMat is an electronic expert and scientific journal published by the Faculty of information technologies at Slobomir P University. Infomat publishes reviewed, original papers written by an author. This journal’s objective is to promote scientific research, and the process of grouping knowledge on current achievements, contents, technologies and services in the areas of information technologies, electrical engineering and mathematics.

Infomat accepts papers written in Serbian and English, in accordance with the Guidelines to the Journal Editorials, and which are a clear contribution to a broad range of topics. The journal will publish papers in the area of Computer science, Electrical engineering and Mathematics. All the papers are liable to peer review, after which the authors are notified on the status of their contribution. The accepted contributions will be published in electronic form on the journal’s website. The journal comes out annually in electronic edition.

Infomat invites all the students to publish the abstracts of their final papers, and original seminar papers.